Welcome to GinckMedia.com and thank you for visiting my freelance creative media company. 

I'm Jenner Carnelian and I offer a range of
creative media solutions at rates that
can be negotiated on a project
to project basis.

I currently specialize in the following:
Email: JennerC@GinckMedia.com

Portfolio: Portfolio2015.pdf

DA: JennerCarnelian.DeviantArt.com

Project Sites:



Enrod The Clockman


- Sequential Art/Storyboarding
- Illustration ( almost any Style, from Fanart to Original Works )
- Document Design and Layout
- Graphic Design ( for Web and Print )
- Scripting ( ad dialogue, video and cartoon/comic scripts )
- Editing ( fiction, reports, articles )
- Electronic Music Production
- 3D Modeling ( using SketchUp )
- A/V Editing
Creative Cool,
Flexible Rates
Whether you are a band needing art for your next release or tour, a business needing new designs
for promo material, an organization looking to
get a message out, or any other
creative enterprise -

email me about  your current needs and we
can work together to meet them to
your satisfaction.